Megan’s life has revolved around horses since she was a young girl. She grew  up riding at her grandpa’s ranch, he fostered her love of horses. He taught her that respecting the horse and earning it’s trust weren't just benefits we get from training but were key tools to use during training. In 2016, after graduating from college with a degree in education, she dreamed of eventually using horses to educate kids. She, along with her sister and mother, opened their facility that summer and began training their own horses. After meeting Brandi that next summer she made it a goal to go through her training program to further her training education. Two clinics and one clydesdale later she and her sister ended up in Arizona learning the Lyons method and building a wealth of knowledge to further her understanding of horses and to better train both horse and rider. She graduated in Brandi’s 2019 class and is located in Dowagiac, Michigan.



Katie has spent her whole life around horses. In her younger years she spent summers riding at her grandfather’s ranch. As she grew older her grandfather began giving her more responsibilities with the horses which included helping with his problem horses and starting unbroke horses. In 2016 she, her sister, and mother opened up their own facility. In the summer of 2017 and 2018 Katie and her sister rode in clinics with Brandi. Katie fell in love with the training aspect of having horses. She followed that love to Arizona to go through Brandi’s certification program. She graduated as a certified trainer in January 2019.